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The concept of SMARTool project

SMARTool project aims to develop a platform based on cloud technology for clinical decision support to the management of patients with coronary artery disease (CAD).

Our Ambition

To integrate a site-specific model of plaque assessment/progression and a patient-specific risk stratification model and treatment tools into a unified platform to create a novel CDSS for patient management.

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Your inputs are important to support us designing the most suitable solution considering final users' needs and requirements.


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SMARTool project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under the Grant Agreement number 689068.

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The aim of SMARTool

SMARTool aims at developing a platform comprising patient-specific and site specific models which are combined at several clinically relevant levels in order to deploy a novel CDSS which impacts on primary and secondary prevention of CHD, related to coronary plaque onset and progression. The heterogeneous data collected will include both imaging data (CCTA) and clinical, molecular and cellular data. Multiscale and multilevels models will integrate these data to obtain a CAD stratification model for diagnosis, CAD progression prediction model for prognosis and a CAD treatment model for therapeutical/interventional treatment. The final CDSS can be applied in primary and secondary prevention of CAD related CHD.
Patient-specific CAD stratification

Existing clinical stratification models, based on traditional as well as on emerging risk factors, will be implemented by patient genotyping and phenotyping (cellular/molecular markers) and tested by retrospective (baseline) and prospective clinical data (follow-up) from the EVINCI project population to stratify patients with non-obstructive CAD, obstructive CAD and those without CAD.

Site specific plaque progression prediction

The existing multiscale and multilevel models for plaque progression prediction of the ARTreat project will be refined using additional genotyping and phenotyping features and tested by retrospective and prospective non-invasive CCTA imaging data plus non-imaging patient-specific information collected at follow-up from the EVINCI population.

Patient-specific CAD diagnosis and CAD-related CHD treatment

Patient-specific therapeutical management will be provided, such as life style changes, standard or high intensity medical therapy. Moreover, a virtual angioplasty tool will provide to the interventional cardiologist the optimal stent type(s) and select site(s) for appropriate stent deployment.

Meet the  Coordination Team

SMARTool aims to carry out a multidisciplinary approach, involving cardiologists, clinical imaging experts, biologists, chemists, policy makers, engineers, health economists, data mining experts and bioinformaticians

Dr. Silvia Rocchiccioli

Project Coordinator
G. Pelosi

Dr Gualtiero Pelosi

Scientific Coordinator

Prof Dimitris Fotiadis

Technical Coordinator

Dr Michela Rial

Project Management office
Oberdan Parodi_thumb

Prof. Oberdan Parodi

Past Project Coordinator